Installment Policy

In view of current situation, Lembayu is taking an initiative to ease the burden of our customer by providing Interest-Free installment solution to selected products. We are providing 2-month installment option to some of our product that we deem qualified for this initiative.

Under this initiative, our customer will need to make the 1st half of the payment during the initial transaction and the remaining 2nd half 30 days after the 1st payment has been made. Invoice for the 2nd payment will be sent to your email 7 days before the due date as a reminder. If no payment is being made after 30 days, follow up invoice will be sent again every 7 days.

Product will be reserve manually after the 1st payment until 30 days after that. However, if 2nd payment is not being made after 30 days we will not guarantee that the availability of the reservation and the 1st payment is NON-REFUNDABLE. 

To ensure that you receive our invoice and payment link, please check FILL UP YOUR EMAIL at the check out page.

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